Categories of Vehicle Games

Vehicle games are supposed to simulate the literal feeling of actually being in a vehicle. They are supposed to make the player have the real feeling of being in a car, or in the ocean or even in the air. They are supposed to provide the exact feeling and emotion that you would experience if you were there in real time. With this in mind there are several categories to note of this genre of computer games, though the list below is not exhaustive.

Racing games

This is the most common and sought after category. It involves race cars and motor bikes. Just as in real life there are different genres of these race games, so there are varied computer games along these lines. You will get a game similar to the F1, and another to the Dakar rally. There are also the hardcore race games such as the ones played on rough terrain, muddy or hilly places, like some motorbike games.

One of most enjoyable things about this category is the numerous designs of cars from which to choose.

Flight and space craft games

These games involve virtual airplanes and space shuttles. If you like heights and are intrigued by the cosmos, then this is the best category for you. Here you’ll find flight simulators similar to those used in real flight training. This genre is also subdivided into subgenres where you can enjoy different types of games involving fighter jets or normal planes. There are also space games where you can be battling aliens and enemy forces in your vehicle of choice.

Naval and boat games

These are the so called water games. From speed boats to navy ships, you can select a water game of your choice. These games are also very thrilling.

Other categories can include games that use farm vehicles like tractors, military tanks, even trains. It is difficult to exhaust the list of categories, but whatever the taste a player has acquired; there is a game that has been developed specifically for them.