Jeddah Corniche circuit – Fastest F1 Track

Jeddah Corniche circuit is set to host the 21st Formula 1 race of the year — Saudi Arabia grand prix. The circuit is a wonderfully designed new F1 racetrack with an average speed of 252.8 km/h and a 6.175 km route.

Also, Jeddah Corniche Circuit is said to be the fastest F1 track. The circuit is uniquely built for F1 races. It will be a distinct test for the teams who will boast on the track for the first time. Check more information online about F1 tour guides to have a relentless racing experience.

A perfect destination for F1 fans

The circuit stands by the Red Sea port which gives it an exotic look. The city Jeddah is beautiful with rich culture and cuisine. It certainly guarantees the sporting vibe that every fan wishes for.

There will definitely be some hot wheel moments on the Jeddah circuit. The designers have exceptionally used technology to install highly advanced DRS to have a quality capture of every passing moment.

This is a magical setting for a historic moment. However, the race will be challenging for teams because of its high-speed layouts but for fans, there are 7 grandstands with two sweet spots T1 and T27.