The Best of the James Bond Super Cars

The name James Bond has become synonymous with the classic sports car over the years. The international man of mystery never seems to drive around in an old banger or a chunky 4×4, no, he’s always stylish, always a step ahead of everyone else, and he always has a killer car. Let’s take a look back at two of his all-time greats.

Aston Martin DB5

It may have become a James Bond cliché, but let’s face it, the Aston Martin is just too luscious to overlook. Would you care if people thought it was cliché of you to drive around in an Aston Martin DB5? No and neither would we. The car is a magnificent beast. Designed by Italian coach builders Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera, the Aston Martin had a 4.0L Aluminium engine, with a five-speed transmission and three SU carburettors. It was a powerful car in its day, even without the crazy gadgetry that Q fitted to the Bond version. Bond first drove it in Goldfinger, but it proved to be so popular that it returned to the screen again and again.

Toyota 2000 GT

When James Bond went to Japan, what else would he drive but a Toyota? The Toyota 2000 GT was the first super car to come out of Japan, and only 351 cars were made, so not only was it gorgeous, it was rare. Originally it was a hard top, but when Sean Connery drove it in “You Only Live Twice” it was converted to a soft top especially for him because he was too big for the car. The Toyota 2000 GT had a 150 hp engine and the design was influenced by E-Type Jaguar. This is the car that changed the way the world viewed Japanese cars, and today is a collector’s piece that most of us mere mortals could never afford.